There’s a funny thing about apples

Lil’ Monkey: There’s a funny thing about apples.

Baba: Oh yeah? Tell me about it.

LM: The skin gets in my teeth: that’s the one thing. And the other thing is the funniest thing, is it makes a crunchy sound. “Kcchk.” Like that. That’s the funniest thing.

I think it’s the funny thing about the rowdy and apples.

The rowdy stuff in it.

B: Is that what makes it go “Kcchk?”

LM: Yeah. “Kcchk.”

3 Responses to There’s a funny thing about apples

  1. rachelboesing July 9, 2007 at #

    Beautiful picture of the lil’ monkey, and I will never be able to look at apples the same way again. I’ll always be thinking about the “rowdy stuff in them.”

  2. Blue Ox July 11, 2007 at #

    Firstly: Oh my GAWD those eyes.

    Secondly: Wait till she finds out that apples are, like all matter, just whirling bits of dust and light. Rowdy indeed.

  3. LesbianDad July 11, 2007 at #

    Thank you, Auntie Rache. Me, too.

    And Blue Ox: Yeah, tell me about it. Trouble, that starts with “T,” that rhymes with “P,” and that spells “Pupil.” Or Iris. Whatever. I’ll be sure to tell her that she’s already intuitively grasping quantum physics.

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