Shadow portrait

“I’m walkin’ on my shadow, I’m walkin’ on my shadow,” says the lil’ monkey whenever the sun shines from a fortuitous direction. This time we had fun making letters of the alphabet with our bodies.

If parenthood all goes downhill from this point onward, I wouldn’t be surprised, since I can’t imagine much more fun than Giacometti-ish alphabet shadow puppetry on a lazy afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Shadow portrait”

  1. Having absorbed so much pop culture from the 80’s, I can’t help but see Freddy Krueger there on the right. Run lil monkey run! At the very least, don’t go outside to check out a noise wearing only your diaper.

  2. Having avoided every horror movie since I was traumatized by an afternoon TV showing of the 1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I don’t know anything about any Freddy Krueger. Myself, I was thinkin’ more Sandino:

    Though I think that as a general practice, no one should go outside to check out a noise wearing only a diaper if it’s late at night and there’s scary music somehow being piped in from god knows where.

  3. Omygod, that is just heinous. Gives snappy chapeaus a bad name. I’m so sorry I peeked, but of course now I understand what I’ve put you through with this image.

    Now here’s some Giacometti to try to wash away some of the taste of that Kruger imagery:

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