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Even bigger news flash: MA legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban!

I can’t help myself. Big week of I can’t help myself.

I just learned this news, via Round is Funny via her post at She linked to this piece:

    Legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban.

Of course I darted over to Pam’s House Blend to see more. Here’s her post on it, an open thread that’s sure to have tons of chit-chat on it.

And here’s NGLTF’s press release:

    Task Force hails defeat of proposed state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Now off you go to rummage wherever you like to go for your news & analysis! After you dance a jig for forward-thinking Massachusetts legislators. Two days after the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia: coincidence? Nothing, people, is a coincidence.

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News flash: Katha Pollitt has a blog!

Call me a breathless groupie, call me what you like, I don’t care. I’m all a-dither because I just read on Echidne of the Snakes that Katha Pollitt has a blog, entitled And Another Thing!

I mean, her Subject to Debate columns have been run on The Nation’s online venue for quite some time. But now we get her scintillating wit and incomparable cultural & political analysis randomly! And, one can only hope, more frequently! June 12th’s “Of Groceries, Abortions, and Nice, Classic Handbags” was her first post.

Okay. That’ll do for the breaking news for a while; I’m getting dizzy. Next dittie will be nothin’ but a baby picture.

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