She loves me, she loves me lots

Sure, the addition of the second kid definitely represented an exponential, not arithmetic jump in parental labor. And the toddler + infant combo can be tremendously daunting at times, when there’s just one of us and the both of them are simultaneously at the apex of need, (toddler’s needs: 75% emotional; infant’s: 75% physical; both of them, at the pinnacle of their own special misery: 99% piercingly vocal). And after four months we’re still in the weeds; the improvement now is simply that we get clear views up out of them regularly, so we know it’s not all weeds for as far as the eye can see.

But it’s so clearly worth all the fatigue of these early months. Because apart from the phenomenal blessing that “me boy, me sweet boy” is, simply on his own — and that would be reason enough to slog through these weeds — it’s clear that they love the bejesus out of each other even now. And that, people, is a sight to behold. The lil’ peanut beams outrageously whenever his big sister approaches him, and just this morning I swear I thought the lil’ monkey was going to faint from an overdose of her own lovey dovey feelings. Really, she was swooning. I watched a two-and-a-half year old swoon.

Love: nothin’ like it.

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  1. Yeah, if he puts any more improvements on that pouty-cutey face, and deploys it with strategic requests over the years, I’m gonna be in big trouble. (E.g., “Baba, can I borrow the shuttlecraft tonight? There’s a rave over in Nevada.”) I can be strong! I can be strong!

  2. And they both have that matching pouty bottom lip!

    I dunno if its just my cycle but your blog has made me tear up twice over the last couple of days. At Saturday’s ECFE class I found myself quoting you and your ‘no exertion of power over the little one’s’ philosophy. Thank you. Your post “Tilt” is even better on a re-read.

    Regarding the sibling love, I agree, it is amazing to watch that love grow. Just yesterday I watched Seven walk down the sidewalk with Big hand in hand. He would concentrate for a bit on his legs, working like mad to try to keep up with her, and then glance up admiringly at her as if to say “Really!?!, you’re including ME in your escapades? Li’l ole me??” I’ve seen dogs look up at their people with that same loving devotion.

    It only gets better as far as I can tell. Enjoy!

  3. Hi–

    Just found your blog. It does get easier, I promise. We have two daughters–3.5 and recently 1. I remember the first time they were both crying hysterically (the first of many, many times), and my partner and I could do nothing but look at each other and laugh. What can you do?

    It feels like all of this just got easier a couple of months ago–pretty much when the baby started walking and was a little more independent (and yet very very needy). Not that its a piece of cake now, but its better than it was 8 months ago.

    My blog is at You’ll find lots of support there in terms of these early months!

    Great blog–keep up the good work and great pictures.

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