Lesbian Dad

Kid eats nothin’ but fruit; Baba eats nothin’ but humble pie

It’s so easy to be a good parent before you actually become one. Back before I clambered up on this parental whirligig, I vowed that my munchkins would, unlike me, eat nothing but tofu and whole grains and kale. You know, after they moved onto solids.

Gustatory predilictions be damned, said I!

Except, kid #1 here turns out to be on a semi-permanent hunger fast, with the pointed exception of fruits. And we have discovered, Guess what? You can’t force-feed another human being. Which of course is a good thing. I loved witnessing the emergence of her conscious control over her own body, and what (and whether and when) she eats is a big part of that.

The good news is, every coupla days she binges on vegetables and proteins. The bad news is, we forget this the day after the veggie/protein tank-up, and then wrack ourselves with worry for another few days. Ha. Serves us right.

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