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Farmer’s Market find

…a coupla pregnant lesbians! Wish them well! I knew they were lesbians because of the tell-tale Mich Fest hoodie thing. They knew I was because of what I had my daughter in:

It pays to advertise.

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Weekend bonus shot, 05.26.07

Mother and son vocalizing, Berkeley, CA.

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It’s a Cheney!


Eeek! What’s wrong with this picture? Right! No parents!

More on the the Mary n’ Heather baby news, along with the ACTUAL official White House photo of the proud kin, from Pam Spaulding at the Blend and her berth at Pandagon. The Family Pride Blog has a piece on it, along with ample community chit-chat. And Dana at Mombian provides a synopsis of media coverage, from closeting to bumbling to — surprise! — factually accurate.

My only two cents on it today: May amor vincit omnia.

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Reading is fun

[Heavy work week = images > text. Lo siento.]

The lil’ monkey and her buddy CoCo had an extended and fun-filled reading session during our recent visit to the southland (a.k.a. L.A.). I was supplying them a steady stream of books — you’d be amazed at how the pages just fly by when you aren’t encumbered by the words on them! — and had picked out their next batch, only noticing after I’d plucked them from the bookshelf that I’d grabbed a Ninja Turtles one. I handed it to CoCo, six months more worldly-wise than our daughter, with the muttered reasoning that maybe they might be “scary turtles” to her.

Yeah, I have a fat streak of overprotectiveness; so sue me. I’m a street-legal parent now, after the adoption, so I’m ready. Anyway, she did have a rough patch after we read an abridged and generously illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland. Everything was fine until Alice drank that potion and got gi-normous. The picture of the tripped-out Alice, arms and legs bulging out of windows of the White Rabbit’s house after she exploded: that was scary ! I got nightmares!

Anyway. Forget, at your peril, that your two-and-a-half year old will record absolutely everything you say, even when it’s sotto voce and mostly directed to yourself.

After I handed them the books, lil’ monkey leaned over to CoCo and said, “Actually, turtles are very nice.”

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She loves me, she loves me lots

Sure, the addition of the second kid definitely represented an exponential, not arithmetic jump in parental labor. And the toddler + infant combo can be tremendously daunting at times, when there’s just one of us and the both of them are simultaneously at the apex of need, (toddler’s needs: 75% emotional; infant’s: 75% physical; both of them, at the pinnacle of their own special misery: 99% piercingly vocal). And after four months we’re still in the weeds; the improvement now is simply that we get clear views up out of them regularly, so we know it’s not all weeds for as far as the eye can see.

But it’s so clearly worth all the fatigue of these early months. Because apart from the phenomenal blessing that “me boy, me sweet boy” is, simply on his own — and that would be reason enough to slog through these weeds — it’s clear that they love the bejesus out of each other even now. And that, people, is a sight to behold. The lil’ peanut beams outrageously whenever his big sister approaches him, and just this morning I swear I thought the lil’ monkey was going to faint from an overdose of her own lovey dovey feelings. Really, she was swooning. I watched a two-and-a-half year old swoon.

Love: nothin’ like it.

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